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There are so many fantastic resources for sellers, some of them quite necessary, and some of them not as much. My job is to show you the very best resources and tools – the tools that I use in my business each and every day.

Honestly, I believe you’re shooting yourself in the FOOT without some of these tools, and I’ll tell you why below.

* Some, but not all, of the tools and services below offer MarketingCrazy a small affiliate commission (at no cost to you), if you purchase via our links. While this is not a large source of income, we definitely appreciate when you look at the tools via our affiliate links, and it helps us keep delivering great content for free.

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ClickFunnels – We strongly prefer ClickFunnels for it’s ease of use, excellent training, and exceptional functionality and feature set. This links gives you a longer trial and lets you really try it out. Get your 14 Day Free Trial!

Leadpages – Yes, it’s also a great lead page generator, but without the ability to customize like Clickfunnels. We still use it (yearly plan). We do love it, for it’s simplicty, but ended up using Clickfunnels more.


Jungle Scout’s Sales Estimator: A great tools, when used in conjunction with Merchant Words, and FBAToolkit, can really get you a solid idea of sales. Wow, I wish a tool like this existed when I got started.  Yes, it’s just more data – no, it’s not an exact science. Go ahead, look up your niche now.

Product Research & Finding Keywords: These two items are intrinsically linked. You really shouldn’t do one, without doing the other as well. The “buying keywords” your discover are what drive your products sales, and you can’t really know what product to build, without knowing what keywords are driving it’s sales.

MerchantWords (Use this link to get 70% off for LIFE) – The defacto standard in Amazon keyword demand levels, this tool is what most people use. Amazon does not publish keyword statistics, so there is some black magic going on here, but none the less, it’s a great place to start, in conjunction with other keyword tools and demand level indicators. Get MerchantWords here and get 70% off for life.

Simple Keyword Inspector – The ultimate spy tool, and a great place to get keyword suggestions, sales data, and competitive analysis. You can use the ASIN of your product, or competitors products, and get a complete reverse keyword search, based on the listing. Get Simple Keyword Inspector here.

Jungle Scout is the new standard in quick BSR look up while searching around Amazon. It super easy, and with the click of a button you get sales stats, BSR and a host of other information for all items on a given page. Get Jungle Scout Here.

AmzTracker (listed also under reviews): This is one of my favorite tools, and is often neck in neck referred to with a similar tool called AMZShark. I use them both, but really, only one would be necessary at a time, although they have differing features. The AMZTracker review club, Super URL builder (with rotating keywords), and Rank tracking sold me, more than anything else. Get AMZTracker Here.

Merchant Words

Google Ads Placement Tool:

Automating Emails – Reviews – Feedback, On Amazon

There are a variety of tools that will automate the email sequences sent to Amazon’s customers (your buyers), through Amazon’s own email system. You NEED to have this to automate your review and feedback getting process.  Here’s the tools we use and recommend:

SalesBacker – The new kid on the block, and it seems like a good one! It adds a few bells and whistles to the tried and true Feedback Genius, also discussed, and is fast becoming a tried and true tool for our business. Get a FREE 60 DAY TRIAL of Salesbacker Here!

Feedback Genius – The tried and true biggest player in the field from the folks over at Seller Labs. They’ve been around the block, and this tool, while not particularly flashy, or consistently updated, is the workhorse for automated emails after purchase (to collect reviews, feedback, and package delivery).

Managing your Business:

Manage by Stats – Businesses live and die by their numbers. While I may not have confirmed “Anthropophobia” (fear of numbers), you’d never know it by the mess my business has made of keeping monthly profit and loss statements, knowing our bestselling items, or even tracking whom our best customers are. This tool, this single tool, has allowed us to narrow in on our bestselling items, understand our best customers, and get a monthly track of what’s going on with our Amazon Business. It is highly recommended. Get Manage by Stats here.

SellerMail – if you use ManagebyStats, you can use it’s built in follow up service to follow up with your customers. It is very well implemented.

Expanding Beyond Amazon:

Shopify: Our #1 direct Ecommerce Platfrom outside of Amazon is Shopify! We love it’s simplicity, cost, and speed, as well as its functionality and ease of use integrating with other tools and services.  Get Shopify Here.