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SGW 013: Tools That Will Make You a Crazy Amazon Seller

Today’s topic is tools.  I’m highlighting two tools that will help you keep track of your Amazon FBA.  You can find out more about them by heading over to the resource section on the MarketingCrazy website.

The first tool is Manage By Stats.  This is a great tool that allows you to get all the stats on your business.  It will tell you how much you’re paying out, items that need restocked, Amazon fees, warehouse fees, promo rebate totals, track conversion rates and much more.  A really awesome feature is it allows you to see a list of all your customers and with addresses.  I’ll give you some ideas on how you can use that information.

The second tool is Amazon Tracker.  Features with this tool include the ability to track the rankings of your products based on keywords, a Super URL builder and an Amazon review club.

Again, please check out my resource section to find out more about these tools and links to get started using them.

Please check out my free online bootcamp.  My free private label FBA bootcamp will give you the help you need to get started.  This live training webinar will go in depth on how to get started with your own private label.

What crazy thing have you done today to move your business forward?  Let me know

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