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SGW 012: Overcoming the Hurdle of Selling Your First Product

On today’s episode of Sellers Gone Wild I’m going to talk about the hurdles that keep people from getting started selling their first product on Amazon. I always planned to be the CEO of a company.  I was very driven in law school.  I then went into a video game startup because it was one of my passions and it worked out quite nicely.  Dancing is another passion of mine and I built a brand around products relating to that.  Now I am hooked on selling on Amazon and it has worked out so very well.  Where you find the intersection between passion and products that make sense to create because they are in demand, you will find success on Amazon.

If you find you’re stuck in getting that first product on Amazon, here are some tips that I explain:

  • Think of your first product as your training wheels product.
  • For your first product select something cheap and light.
  • Don’t know what to sell?  Start with your passion and the products you use.
  • Find out what products are already selling by going to the Amazon best sellers list.
  • Don’t be afraid of competition.
  • When you find a product, think of ways to improve it.

Need more help getting started?  Please check out my free online bootcamp.  My free private label FBA bootcamp will give you the help you need.  Get started, take action.  You can do it!

What crazy thing have you done today to move your business forward?  Let me know at Please check out my podcasts at   If you enjoyed today’s podcast, please leave a review at iTunes.


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