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SGW 011: Launching A New Product

Today has been a crazy business day. I have a list of things that I’ve accomplished just today in launching a new product. I want to take you along on my trip down the rabbit hole and give you some key points about what I’ve done today.

First, an important reminder that my free online sellers bootcamp is coming up on July 22.  It’s time to sign up for the bootcamp which will give you an overview of what it takes to become an FBA Amazon private label seller.

I am putting out new products on a steady basis and here’s a quick summary of what I accomplished just today:

  • Got a product out starting with a bare bones listing to generate things for a shipper to use and my product arrived at Amazon
  • Contacted people for professional pictures of my product
  • Set up a page listing on Amazon – using search terms and keyword analysis, I developed and submitted a two thousand word description
  • Created coupon codes with four different price points for four different groups of people
  • Got a super URL through Amztracker and posted a listing on Tomoson to begin to drive traffic. (For more details on these tools, check out my previous podcast.)
  • Sent out a friends and family email to about 100 people, giving them the super URL link and asking them to purchase the product at full price
  • Organized a special promotion on Facebook. (I’ll have more details on how to do this on our upcoming bootcamp.)
  • Sent out a press release on the new product
  • Set up a tool which will allow me to track and manage the numbers side of things
  • Thought of four more products and learned they were available so began the process for those

The product is already selling and there are still a few more things for me to do today!

What have you done today? Let me know at Please check out my podcasts at

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