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SGW 010: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

The topic today is all about product reviews.  Customers that leave feedback impact the buying decision of other potential customers and that’s a big part of the reason product reviews are so very important.

For reviews, my first step is to reach out to family and friends.  I will record a quick video that has them go through the process of searching for my product on Amazon and purchasing it.  This usually involves 100 people for me.  I then continue to email them to see if they followed through.  I usually get a 50% response rate and end up with 20 to 30 product reviews.  As I explain, this is an involved process which requires me to be tenacious.

My next step is using Tomoson which allows you to give away products to bloggers and target groups who then create word of mouth buzz about the product.

Then I follow that with a Facebook funnel review group. I add AMZ Tracker and private Facebook review groups.

A very important step is an automated sequence of emails, where the buyer is told their order has been received, then the product has shipped, asking if they received it and asking if they could leave a review.  There are tools that automate the process and I recommend Feedback Genius.  Another automation tool is Feedback Five.  Tools like these keep sales and reviews going over time.

Please understand that the review process takes time, but the reviews will be worth the time it takes.

I will be offering a one and one half hour Boot Camp that will tell you what the first stages are in starting an Amazon business.  Head over to Online Sellers Gone Wild to learn more about it.

What have you done that’s crazy that has propelled your business this week?  Let me know at Please check out my podcasts at


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