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SGW 009: Amazon FBA on the Road, Sellers Gone Wild – Sourcing your “Proven” Passion Product.

I’m on the road again!  Today’s episode is all about how to move along the process of sourcing your product and how not to get hung up on forks in the road.  Once you’ve done all the research and have a product you believe people will want, now it’s time to get it!  Woo Hoo!!

On today’s episode of the Online Sellers Gone Wild podcast, I’ll go through the steps of sourcing and the things that need to be done while you are engaged in the act of sourcing.

First stop is Alibaba.  Search your product out there and then contact 5 vendors that catch your eye as far as matching your request and your pricing.  This will be your starting point for negotiations.  And you’ll have to do a lot of negotiating.  Ultimately, you’ll want to work with 3 to 5 vendors who can produce your product and can continue negotiating.  Instead of doing this by email and waiting on responses, consider using Skype to speed up the process.  However you negotiate, keep good records of which vendor is sending what to you.

While you are doing that, also check Google for a supplier in the U.S.  It can be a good way to save time and shipping costs.  If you find a vendor in the U.S. call them and negotiate by phone.

While you are continuing the sourcing process, start to hammer out the details.  Here are some things you need to work on while the sourcing is ongoing:

  • Use one of the freelance sites, like Elance, Fiverr Work, and Upwork to find somebody to design your logo, your boxes, your product inserts.
  • Also set up your initial Amazon listing.
  • You’ll need to get a UPC Code or a Bar Code.
  • Do keyword research using a tool such as Keyword Inspector.

As for the forks in the road, those are the things that sidetrack you from getting your product in a box and listed.  Especially if this is your first product, stay away from the distractions.  The only exception to that would be any legal matters you need to get straight.

What have you done that’s crazy this week?  Let me know at  If you’re enjoying the show please leave us a review in iTunes.

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