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SGW 008: Amazon FBA on the Move, the Road to San Diego – New Product Research Methods for the “Cowboys” who passion pick their products

This time I’m actually driving in my car while podcasting…Woo Hoo.  That’s crazy!  I’m inspired by John Lee Dumas and his daily podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. He inspires me to do more podcasting which in turn allows me to break down what I’m doing as I discuss it.

On today’s episode of the Online Sellers Gone Wild podcast, I talk about product selection as it applies to Amazon business.  When you are choosing a product there are two really important factors to consider:

  • Choose a product based on your passion.
  • Research it thoroughly to really be sure it’s a product buyers want.

My product selection method has changed dramatically.  I now go through a number of very important steps before settling on what I’m going to sell.  It’s all about research for me.

Some of the tools I use in research include:

Knowing the conversion rate of a product is essential and using tools like these will help you determine if your passion is going to translate into a business.

Here is the lineup I have planned for future episodes.  Leave a message with your vote for the topic of the upcoming shows.  I’ll discuss the results of the poll in upcoming shows:

  1. Review Mastery – How to Catapult your Review Getting Process. The before, and the after.
  2. Review Automation – How to Automate your Reviews
  3. Keyword Domination – Find All your Keywords, Rank them in Order, Spy on your Competition
  4. Product Listing Optimization – List your Products on Amazon Right, the First time.
  5. Sourcing Workshop – Step by Step Sourcing from China, with Examples
  6. (Secret Sauce) How to Make Your Box, and what to put IN IT, besides your Product
  7. Google Adwords and Other PPC Traffic – The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the difference.
  8. Keep your Product Ranked, Selling and Dominating – on Autopilot
  9. The Top 3 BEST Places to Promote your Products, and How to Use them (versus the other way around)
  10. Your Business as a Business – Get Legal, Stay Legal, It’s easier than you thnk
  11. Cease and Desist – The Impenetrable Shield of Your Product Protection
  12. Work less, Make WAY More – The Top Tools for your Amazon Business
  13. Amazon Coupon Code Creation and Use Workshop – Top 3 Coupon Sites for Amazon
  14. Youtube Domination – Capturing the Right People for your Amazon Product (PPC)
  15. Youtube Video Creation Workshop – How To Create, And Advertise, your first video
  16. Autopilot Amazon – The Top 3 Things to do Every Day, and the Top 5 to Do Every Week
  17. Before and After : Interview with a new seller before and then after, they “made it”.
  18. Moving off of Amazon: Why, How, and When
  19. Shopify – Beyond Amazon FBA, The World Beyond Amazon
  20. Ecommerce – Data Feeds? Shopping Networks? Driving traffic to your own Store.

What have you done that’s crazy this week?  Let me know at Please check out my podcasts at


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